“we  do  not  Own  the  earth  we  share  it  together.”


New Community Development and Innovation

Our Development model takes an integrated approach to community empowerment using a mix of clean energy solutions to improve the lives of the 3 billion people who don’t have access to basic necessities such as electricity, clean water, and food around the world. By working closely with communities and adhering to our operating principles of determination, resilience and community, we seek to provide benefits in education, health, food and water security, enterprise, and community.





KeyTurn Sustainability's differentiated solutions will provide communities the
life essentials needed to prosper


Providing sustainable development is about achieving sustained economic growth needed to meet human needs, improve living standards, and provide the financial resources that make environmental protection possible.


From accessing education opportunities using the internet, to effective tools in engaging and mobilizing children and young people, and broadcasting radio shows to communicate child rights; technology creates a positive change across communities.


We are not just building houses and providing clean energy. Working with state officiials, we provide the resources so the communities can make a sustainable living.


We believe that it starts and ends with the local communities. Therefore community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems

What We Do

KeyTurn Sustainability uses technology to challenge poverty in developing countries. Through support, community, and technology we enable poor communities to build on their skills and knowledge to produce sustainable and practical solutions.

Finding the Right Solution

Finding the solution that fits a community and executing it is what we strive to do. Energy access, food and agriculture, urban waste and water, disaster risk reduction are all critical to poor people's wellbeing, and are important examples of the world's failure to achieve technological justice.

Propietary Technology

Increasing income and access to food

We use simple but effective technologies such as compost pits, fish cages, zeer pots, floating gardens and donkey ploughs to improve access to fresh food.

Urban water, sanitation and waste

We work with communities to get clean water for drinking, washing, cooking and agriculture - helping to improve sanitation and health.

Reducing vulnerability to disasters

Rather than emergency relief after the event, we work with communities to help them to prepare for, cope with and adapt to future hazards.

Access to energy

We work with communities to develop renewable energy, using natural resources such as water, wind, sun and waste.


How We Do It

Meet KeyTurn Sustainability

KeyTurn Sustainability is headed by Philanthropist and Entrepreneur . He is passionate about development and sustainability of third world countries. Having setup a supply chain for medical instruments to be delivered to third world countries in Latin America, he has experience working with the decision makers in these countries and getting things done. We are dedicated to building your community and developing it.


  ​ Energy







Unique Goals

   Sustainable Community

   End Hunger

   Clean Water and Sanitation

   Entreprise invigoration

   Lifetime value

Driving Change

The guiding principles of KeyTurn Sustainability are technological justice, innovation and scaling up. Every day, KeyTurn Sustainability shares knowledge in order to create a better environment for the people in developing countrires.

We want to change as many lives as possible, by sharing our knowledge and experience. Our Consulting services reach development professionals around the world, and our technical information service practical answers offer free resources directly to those who need it most.

Monitoring Performance

Our approach is to help producers, traders and processors to identify the challenges that they face themselves, to work together to solve problems and make the most of opportunities.

We have big ideas that can change lives - but our own projects can only reach the people we work with directly. By sharing our ideas with local and national governments, international agencies and other development organisations, we can make a bigger impact on a global scale - and work towards technology justice for all.

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